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English patterns by Ida Victoria

Most of the patterns by Ida Victoria is translated into English, and are available in English as both paper patterns and PDF patterns.


Visit the Etsy store for PDF patterns in English; idavictoria.etsy.com

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In the table below you will find body measurements for each size, with a drawing showing you where each measurement is taken. This is a standard table for several patterns, so not all measurements are applicable to all patterns.

There is one measurement per size, and this is to be read as “up to”. If your hip circumference is 98 cm, Choose size M, which is listed
as hip circumference 102 – meaning hip circumference up to 102 cm. If your hip circumference is 95, you can go down to size S. You can even use several sizes or custom make your own size in between.

A – Chest circumference
B – Waist circumference
C – Hips circumference
D – Thigh circumference
E – Shoulder width
F – Upper arm circumference
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