Mønsterbok: Nuppuzine 2 – Working with fairytales


Mønsterbok fra Nuppu print company – med masse fin inspirasjon og mønster. Boken er originalt skrevet på finsk, men er oversatt til engelsk. Dette er den engelske utgaven.


Om boken:

Nuppuzine 2 – Working with fairytales is the second volume in Nuppu’s lovely series of books. This time Nuppuzine is focused on all sorts of lovely little things like bags and dollhouse items.

You can make all sorts of things like peonies or a sofa for a dollhouse with the book’s instructions. There are also patterns for all sorts of storage items. For example, the book has a pattern for a heart-shaped scissor case, an ingenious knitting needle case and a lovely yarn basket. We haven’t forgotten about going outside either and there are several patterns for lovely pouches and bags.

In between all the lovely patterns, there are different kinds of fairytale worlds as you can read the stories behind all the different Nuppu designs that Satu draws.

All dollhouse patterns are by Maria Malmström and the bag and storage item patterns are by Kaisa Lumikoivu, Heljä Reponen and Outi Lähetkangas. The delightful pictures were taken by Päivi Ryhtä.

All Nuppuzine patterns are for private use only.

Translation: Johanna Riskilä

Size: 200 x 255 mm
112 pages
1 pattern sheet
Published 10.2.2020
ISBN 978-952-69360-1-7
Printed in Estonia.

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