Myllymuksut lett merinoull – Blå / 0,5 m

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100% meronoull fra finske Myllymuksut, mulesingfri.

Pris er oppgitt per 0,5 meter
1 = 50 cm
2 = 1 m
3 = 1,5 m
4 = 2 m


The mulesing-free merino wool rib knit is soft, breathable, and very stretchy. This rib knit is lightweight and thin – a great choice for undergarments, baselayers, and activewear. Merino wool is warm and transfers the moisture away from your skin. Gentle and pleasant even on atopic skin.

All our merino wool is Oeko-Tex certified which guarantees that the product doesn’t contain any harmful residues.

Produced: Myllymuksut Oy


  • 100% merino wool
  • Width 150 cm
  • Weight 160 g/m²

Hand wash or machine wash with wool program 40°C, do not tumble dry. Use only wool safe detergents.

Please consider the right care of your wool garments:

Merino wool is by nature antibacterial, it is self cleaning.  Air frequently, wash only when needed. Use wool washing agent or olive oil soap. Wash wool preferably by hand in lukewarm water or with a washing machine’s wool wash program, max. 30?C. Soft spin, do not tumble dry.Shape whilst damp and dry flat on a towel.

Do not dry wool in direct sunlight or close to a heating source. For protection against moths store wool clothing in a sealed plastic bag when not being used. When needed we recommend treating wool garments with wool conditioner to preserve its softness and ability to absorb moisture.

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